Dry Eye Examination


There are many symptoms of dry eyes, such as burning, itching, a foreign body sensation in the eye, redness and even fluctuating blurry vision. Dry eyes have many causes such as exposure to a very dry environment, inadequate blinking, rosacea, inflammatory or systemic diseases, certain medications, allergies, eye surgery or hormonal changes.


The optometrists at Optika Eye Care Center can assess your dry eye condition using different tests. In order to propose the appropriate treatment, the health of the cornea is evaluated with the use of special dyes. The optometrist will evaluate the quantity and the composition of your tears as well as the rate of evaporation. Consequently, he will treat the glands responsible for the tear layer. In 2014, Optika Eye Care Center acquired the Oculus Keratograph instrument which uses state of the art imaging technology in the evaluation of dry eye cases.


The optometrist will recommend a series of specific treatments in the management of dry eyes, including eye drops (prescription and over the counter), warm compresses as well as supplements. You will receive personalized advice and will be closely followed in order to better manage your condition.

You can increase the success of your treatment by reducing your exposure to wind and dry air and by increasing the frequency of blinking during times of concentration (particularly when using a computer).

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that requires the expertise of an eye care professional to guide you through treatment.

If you recognize these symptoms, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us for a complete evaluation during one of our dry-eye clinics.

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