Eye exams adapted to children with learning disabilities and/or developmental delays

Certain optometrists at Optika Eye Care Center have developed an expertise in linking visual skills and different learning disabilities and/or developmental delays. The basic eye exam includes the measurement of the visual acuity thanks to adapted charts and the power of the eye with cycloplegic drops that enable a better precision. The optometrist will also evaluate ocular coordination in space and the ability of the eyes to focus, as well as ocular health, three dimensional vision and color vision. Advice regarding posture, coordination exercises, or eyeglasses may be prescribed to improve school performance. Other tests of visual perception or of ocular movement specific to reading are often suggested by school resources. The adapted eye exam can include a comprehensive report which can be shared between health care professionals.

Please see the PDF Form Tab for the questionnaire that can be completed by a parent or the referring professional and presented to the optometrist at the eye exam.
Pdf form

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