Ophthalmic Lenses

Different coatings are available for your ophthalmic lenses. Here are the main characteristics:

1. Scratch resistant coating

A scratch resistant coating prevents scratches on ophthalmic lenses. It is strongly recommended to treat all lenses in order to protect them from damage. This treatment protects lenses from superficial scratches occurring during regular use.

2. Anti-reflection coating

An anti-reflection coating (anti-glare) prevents the reflection of light on the exterior and interior of the lens. It diminishes annoying reflections for the wearer, particularly during night driving and when working on a computer. An anti-glare treated lens is more esthetic and appears clearer than a non-treated lens. Vision is therefore improved as no light is reflected on the surface.

3. Oleophobic coating

This is a superior quality anti-reflective treatment. In effect, this lens has an additional layer of treatment. The ability to clean the lens is greatly improved as is the clarity of the lens.

4. Blue light protection

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum defined as having wavelenths situated between 380 - 500 nm. Blue light is emmited by the sun, as well as from artificial light sources such as LED light bulbs and screens (ex: tablets, television, computer, smartphones). Some individuals may be more sensitive to blue light and may feel discomfort after prolonged exposure to these light sources. Wearing lenses with a blue blocking filter can be an efficient way to protect against blue light sensitivity as well as other day to day effects of blue light exposure from digital devices.

For more information or to know more about other lens treatment options available, please contact the personal at Optika Eye Care Center.

In the past, ophthalmic lenses were made from a glass base (mineral glass). Today they are made from a plastic base. This offers a lighter lens that is impact resistant, which is very important to the safety of your eyes. Plastics are available in many index in order to have the thinnest and lightest lenses. According to your prescription and choice of frames, your Optika Eye Care Center professional will be able to guide you to choose the appropriate material. For more detailed information, or to learn more about other available treatments, please consult your professional at Optika Eye Care Center.

Sunglasses are essential to protect the health of your eyes and eyelids. Harmful UV rays can cause many different types of damage to the eyes, either during brief or prolonged exposure, such as cataracts, macular degeneration or solar keratoconjunctivitis. It is noted that 80% of UV exposure occurs before the age of 18, which shows the importance of sun protection for children’s eyes. At Optika Eye Care Center, all our sunglasses protect your eyes from 100% of UV rays. According to the chosen style, they are available with or without prescription. There are three types of solar lenses:

1. Tinted lenses

This type of lens is available in many different tints and intensities according to your taste and visual comfort. Some tints may be more appropriate according to your activities. For example, brown lenses enhance color, which can be appreciated by golfers. A yellow tint is recommended for night driving and grey lenses to reduce glare. No matter which tint you choose, your eyes will be equally protected from the sun.

2. Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses offer additional protection by reducing reflection of the light as well as blurriness. They considerably improve visual comfort. They are particularly appropriate for activities near the water or snow. These lenses are now available in many colors and mirror tints.

3. Photochromic lenses (light intelligent)

Photochromic lenses change from clear to a tinted lens according to the intensity of sunlight and return to clear when no longer exposed to the sun. Now also available: lenses that will remain tinted while in your vehicle and many new colors.

For more information: transitions.com

Progressive lenses
Progressive lenses have many prescriptions, and allow the wearer to see all distances (far, close and intermediate/computer). Thanks to new digital technology, progressive lenses offer a more precise vision, a better perception of contrasts, and a wider field of vision as well as comfort. These personalized lenses require specific measurements as well as a precise frame adjustment. The professionals at Optika Eye Care Center can offer you high resolution ophthalmic lenses that will optimize your vision at all distances. For more detailed information, or to learn more about other available treatments, please consult your professional at Optika Eye Care Center.
Degressive lenses (Computer lenses)
Degressive lenses are the ideal choice for patients who spend prolonged periods of time working on a computer. They offer clearer zones of vision, improving comfort. Degressive lenses improve your comfort by allowing you to keep your head straight, compared to progressive lenses that sometimes oblige you to tilt you head back. These lenses can help reduce neck and back pain. For more detailed information, or to learn more about other available treatments, please consult your professional at Optika Eye Care Center.
Anti-fatigue lenses
Anti-fatigue lenses are designed to prevent ocular fatigue by reducing eye strain. Do you experience itchy, burning eyes or the sensation that your eyes are straining? Do you suffer from headaches at the end of the day or after working long hours? If you answered yes to any of these questions, anti-fatigue lenses could help you.

At Optika Eye Care Center, customer service is our priority. This is why we offer guarantees on all of our products:

Frames *

1st year: 1 free replacement
2nd year: 1 replacement at 50% of the original price

* Covers manufacturing defects or breakage of regular priced frames under normal use.

Ophthalmic lenses **

Breakage 1 year
Scratches 1 year
Anti-glare treatment 2 years

** 1 single free replacement per lens, under normal usage.

Adaptation to prescription 60 days ***

60 days

*** 1 single replacement per lens.

See your Optika Eye Care Center professional for more information.

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