Pediatric Visual Exams

It is a common belief that it is not possible for children under the age of 5 years to have an eye exam. At Optika Eye Care Center, we can begin to examine your children’s eyes, starting from the age of six months. It is essential to detect serious vision problems early on in the child’s development. The eye is a neurosensitive organ that is malleable from an early age: it is therefore possible to treat visual impairment or a poor coordination between the two eyes when it is corrected early in the child’s development. The tests used are adapted to the age of the patient. For example, to measure the visual acuity of a three year old child, we use shapes. For younger children, we measure the reaction to stimuli. Cycloplegic drops are frequently used to determine the strength and health of the eye. The key to success is the optometrist’s approach as well as his or her experience in this domain. At Optika Eye Care Center several of the optometrists have developed this expertise and you can place your trust in them. On occasion, we work in collaboration with pediatric ophthalmologists in the area as well as with different pediatric hospitals in Montreal.
As part of the program “See better to succeed” by the government of Quebec, the RAMQ covers 300$ every 2 years for glasses or contact lenses for children under the age of 18. Visit the website for more information:

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