Specialty Contact Lenses

Certain optometrists at Optika Eye care Center have further developed their expertise in speciality contact lenses. During an eye examination, they will be able to suggest various specialty lenses (rigid gas permeable contact lenses, corneo-scleral lenses, semi-scleral lenses, piggyback systems, etc.) to those who present irregular corneas (keratoconus, post-Lasik, marginal pellucid degeneration, post graft, etc.) or chronic dry eye.

What is keratoconus?

Keratoconus is defined as a deformation and thinning of the cornea (the clear outer layer of the eye), which can lead to blurry vision. The optometrist at Optika Eye Care Center can detect this pathology during an eye exam by evaluating corneal topography (the surface curvature of the cornea).

In many cases, rigid gas permeable contact lens wear can greatly optimize vision in patients presenting keratoconus, or any other irregular cornea.

What is keratoconus?

Visit the Quebec Association of Optometrists website for more information: aoqnet.qc.ca/vision/maladies/keratocone.php