The dispensing opticians work in close collaboration with the optometrists. They must know your visual requirements as well as your work environment in order to advise and guide you to the best choice of eyewear from an inventory of over 1300 frames. With their training, they can help you make a judicious choice of the shape and color that will suit your facial features. They know how to use the latest technology in ophthalmic lenses in order to optimize your visual comfort. You can choose lenses adapted for working on the computer, for sports, for driving your automobile, for sunglasses, as well as polarized lenses, progressive lenses with a wider field of vision, thinner lenses. You can be confident that your choice will be clear and that you will have the benefit of the latest products available on the market. Upon choosing your frames, our opticians will take all the required measurements pertaining to your prescription and make the necessary adjustments. These measurements ensure the best visual comfort, which is essential when purchasing eye glasses.

The opticians perform adjustments and repairs on site. They cut the lenses in our laboratory. Depending on your prescription, it is possible to prepare your glasses on the spot, in one hour.

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Thanks to a wide range of products, Optika Eye Care Center offers various options depending on your budget.