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Doctors Marie-Claude Provost and Marie-Josée Caron, Optometrists, founded Optika Eye Care Center in Pointe-Claire in 2003, a unique concept in the Montreal region. Dr. Nathalie Trottier joined them as an associate in 2011. These three business women are very involved in the West Island community. Following several fusions and acquisitions, Optika Eye Care Center has become the leading optometry center in the region and is a staple in the eye care field. Today’s clinic offers an experienced team of optometrists, opticians and optometric assistants, dedicated to reliable customer service to their loyal and ever increasing clientele.


Marie-Josée Caron Marie-Claude Provost Nathalie Trottier
Dr Marie-Josée CaronOptometrist

Dr. Caron completed her Doctorate of Optometry at the University of Montreal in 1991 where she received an award of excellence. She then worked with Dr. Lorne Hart until the relocation of their practice to Pointe-Claire in 1997. Founding optometrist of Optika Eye Care Center, she is also supervisor of internship for the Order of Optometrists of Quebec (OOQ). She taught and was also a supervising clinician at the University of Montreal for many years as well as being a member of a number of professional business associations. On occasion she has been invited to speak at conferences for different groups in the region. Her practice is family oriented with a particular interest in pediatric and geriatric patients and also contact lenses.

    Dr Marie-Claude ProvostOptometrist

    Dr. Provost obtained her Doctorate of Optometry at the University of Montreal in 1988. During her studies, she had a particular interest in binocular vision and was the recipient of an award of excellence in visual training. For many years her involvement as well as her experience in the clinic at the University of Montreal has led to the development of her expertise in binocular vision. Co-founder of Optika Eye Care Center, she also participates in many committees in her Order of professionals. Dr. Provost has a particular interest in pediatric optometry which allows her to adapt eye exams for children with learning or developmental difficulties. She is regularly invited to speak at conferences for teachers and school professionals on functional vision. Her family practice also includes adult and geriatric patients.

      Dr Nathalie TrottierOptometrist

      Dr. Nathalie Trottier completed her Doctorate of Optometry at the University of Montreal in 2009. That same year, she was awarded the title of Student of the Year. Subsequently, she completed a certificate of residence in contact lenses and anterior segment. She has held conferences in France, and presented posters in England and Las Vegas. In 2010, she was named Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO) in San Francisco. Since 2009, she has been a supervising clinician at the contact lens clinic at the School of Optometry. In 2011, she became a partner at Optika, where she has practiced since her graduation. She gives continuing education lectures to optometrists on contact lenses, in particular on orthokeratology. This young professional has developed a particular expertise in specialty contact lenses and enjoys the family atmosphere at Optika.

        Anne-Josée Gauthier Frédéric Gagnon Martin Spiro
        Dr Anne-Josée GauthierOptometrist

        Dr. Anne-Josée Gauthier is a graduate of the class of 2013 Doctorate in Optometry program from the University of Montreal. To highlight her implication in the field of specialty contact lenses, she was awarded the Jean-Louis Blanchard grant. Striving to excel in her field, this young professional continued her education by completing a residency in contact lenses and corneal physiology in 2014 at the University of Montreal. As a clinician at the University of Montreal, she has the possibility to transmit her passion and knowledge to future optometrist. She has equally had the opportunity to practice optometry as an extern in Florida, at the Eye Centers of South Florida, where she was able to perfect her knowledge in ocular healthcare. She was also awarded the title of Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry in 2014, at the annual meeting in Denver. Dr.Gauthier became co-owner of Optika in 2016 because of her appreciation of the friendly, family oriented practice. She wishes to develop a rewarding career at Optika and looks forward to providing care to patients of all ages.

          Dr Frédéric GagnonOptometrist

          Recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Medical biology from UQTR (1999), Dr. Gagnon earned his Doctorate of Optometry in 2007. In 2008, he completed a residency in contact lenses and corneal physiology, which led him to obtain the title of Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAQ). Supervising clinician at the School of Optometry at the University of Montreal, he teaches the concepts of contact lenses and ocular health to future optometrists and pharmacists. He also serves as an invited speaker at conferences for the continual training of practicing optometrists and pharmacists. Dr. Gagnon has been practicing at Optika since 2007 and examines patients of all ages and diverse needs, including contact lenses, ocular health and binocular vision as well as some low vision.

            Dr Martin SpiroOptometrist

            Dr. Martin Spiro completed his doctorate of optometry at the University of Montreal. He was the recipient of the Optometric Association’s prestigious student of the year award. Dr. Spiro holds a bachelor of science in human physiology from McGill University, where he also completed an internship in cancer research. In the optometric field, Dr. Spiro’s clinical research was also honored by the Allergan Society’s prize of excellence. With strong passion for eye care and an emphasis on inter-personal skills, Dr. Spiro is an active participant in the optometric community. He has on numerous occasions represented his peers at various optometric functions across the continent and has collaborated in humanitarian efforts travelling to South-America to provide eye-exams. Dr. Spiro enjoys practicing with Optika in an environment of exceptional care and service.

              Claudine Courey Mariko
              Dr Claudine CoureyOptometrist

              Having graduated from the University of Montréal with a doctorate of optometry degree, Dr. Courey’s graduation was highlighted by the prestigious student of the year award. Dr. Courey decided to pursue an additional year of Residency training following her graduation in Cornea and Contact Lens where she was once again honored for her outstanding achievements as Resident of the Year by the American Academy of optometry. Dr. Courey consolidated her optometric and academic experience through an externship at the Syracuse veterans hospital in New York. As a supervising clinician at the University of Montréal she takes great pride in educating optometry students about contact lenses. This prompted the University of Paris, France to invite her to lecture at their campus. As a Canadian (CACO) and United States (NBEO) board-certified practitioner Dr. Courey’s first priority is to provide the best possible, most up to date care to all her patients young and old alike.

                Dr Mariko HamelOptometrist

                Dr. Mariko Hamel obtained her doctorate of optometry at the University of Montreal in 2017. During her academic years, she completed a 3-month internship at the Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center in Florida, as well as a 9-month internship at the Clinique Universitaire de la Vision in Montreal. These opportunities enabled her to gain a great deal of knowledge of ocular health, binocular vision and pediatric optometry. She also had the chance to go on a humanitarian trip to Peru, where she offered eye care to the underprivileged. Furthermore, Dr. Hamel helped lead a 2-year study on binocular vision. Her team and her then presented their results at the Journée Scientifique in 2017 at the University of Montreal. It is thus with all these experiences behind her and with her warm personality that Dr. Hamel begins her career at Optika, ready to offer the best eye care possible to patients of all ages.

                  Dr Micheline ChiassonOptometrist


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